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How to Deal with Mail

As soon as mail comes in the house….ORGANIZE IT! Never allow it to sit untouched on counter! This should take only 3-5 minutes, at the most, every day!


  • BILL – File with “Bills to be paid” pile.

    Keep the bill & envelope only! Recycle outer envelope and inside junk offers to your “Recycle” pile.

    Give attention to the “Bills to be paid” file, every 2 weeks, (15th and 30th every month).

  • COUPON/ OFFER –Keep only if you will use within 2 weeks!

    Put coupon on refrigerator so you will see it…or put it in your wallet so you will use it while you are out.

    Every 2 weeks when you pay bills, also purge your coupon pile.

    All other offers/coupons go to “Recycle” pile.

  • LETTERS/NEWSLETTERS – read immediately, then “Recycle” pile.

    If letter needs a response, then file it with “Bills to be paid” pile.

    Give a written response within 2 weeks, when you sit down to pay bills next time.

  • CREDIT CARD OFFERS –Do Not Open! Tear up and put in “Trash/Shred” pile.

  • MAGAZINES –tear off plastic cover and put in “Trash” pile.

    Place magazines in a spot you will actually read within the month.

    Donate last month’s issue to the library or Recycle bin.

“Bills to be Paid”

File in Box

Needs attention Every 2 weeks!


File on refrigerator or in wallet

Needs attention Every 2 weeks!



Throw away immediately!


Tear up or shred any personal Information immediately and dispose.

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