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Services Provided

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Home Staging Options:

Initial Consultation:                                                                                                                      $100.00

I will provide a detailed list of improvement suggestions specific to your home, for you to complete on your own.



Basic Package:                                                                                                                                   $750.00

  (16+ hours labor - typical 3BR/2BA home that already has some usable furnishings

   -OR- minimal staging for an empty home)    

  1. Initial consultation included

  2. I will work mainly with your existing furniture and only bring in a few new accessories and/or bedding items

  3. Curb Appeal - 

    1.  Front Porch cleaned and potted plant at front door

  4. A couple Live Plants and fresh flowers provided. Every 2 weeks for 2 months, I will water and maintain plants and keep house looking its best.

  5. Detailed house clean - 

    1. Baseboards, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, floors, interior windows, appliances, bathrooms​ and cupboards

  6. De-clutter and re-arrange existing furniture

  7. One bedroom will be staged with new bedding, pillows, side table, lamp (queen air mattress if needed)

  8.  Fresh towels, soaps, accessory in two bathrooms 

  9.  Kitchen counters staged

  10. If after 2 months you would still like me to check on your house, plants, etc. and you wish to continue leasing my bedding and accessories, then an additional charge of $50/month is required.

 Complete Staging Package:                                                                           approx.   $1800.00

   ( 25+ hrs. labor - an additional 10 hrs) plus about 5 furniture pieces leased and accessories) 

  1. Basic Package included

  2. Stage 2nd and 3rd Bedroom 

    1. New bedding, pillows, bed skirt, headboard​, artwork

    2. Side table with lamp and accessories

  3. Stage Living Room

    1. Side chair, sofa, coffee table or side table​, lamp, rug, few decorative items, artwork

  4. Stage Dining Room/Kitchen

    1. Tablecloth, set table and centerpiece​

    2. Kitchen towels and few decorative items

    3. Hot tea or wine vignette in kitchen area

  5. Stage Bathrooms (2)

    1. Fresh towels, new shower curtains, soaps, greenery​, artwork

  6. Stage an extra bedroom or office

    1. New bedding, pillows, art​work, side table or floor lamp

    2. Organize bookshelves

  7. Organize and clean closets

  8. Remove dated or too specific artwork, Spackle holes and paint 

  9. All furniture and accessories will be leased for 3 months. Any additional time needed for lease will be $75.00/month or 10% of total leased furniture and accessories.

  10. Possible touch up paint, landscaping and/or minor maintenance, replacing light bulbs

  Customized Staging Packages:

  1. I will customize any additional hourly labor charges at $30.00/hour and/or offer itemized furniture leasing prices for a 3 month term.

**All prices may vary based on scope of work and necessary pieces needed to be leased.

Vacation Rental Concierge:

Pricing is based on house size, laundry needs. and location. 

$125.00    Typical 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath Rental with laundry and beds made

$150.00   Typical 4 Bedroom/ 3 Bath Rental with laundry and beds made.

$175.00    Typical 6 Bedroom/ 4 Bath Rental with laundry and beds made


I offer full service cleaning, laundry and bed making in between guests. Plus, I change light bulbs, replace

 batteries for remotes and smoke detectors, change air filters, offer security checks, assist in storm preparation, offer decorating suggestions, provide shopping for home supply replenishment and also complete minor repairs at no additional charge.



I take tremendous pride in caring for your home better than anyone else...everytime!

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